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Testimonials for Twin Soles Massage Studio

“I wanted to again thank you so much for my first Ashiatsu massage! As I was traveling through Nevada City on my Harley I found you and I was so glad that I did. I wasn't sure what to expect, never having had a Ashiatsu massage, and you sure did not disappoint. Let me just say I'm going to recommend to all my fellow Harley riders that travel your way to make a stop. I just could not believe how good I felt after our session and my only regret is that living in Washington I don't think I will be seeing you any time in the near future, but if I was local I would surly be a regular client!” – David from Washington

“I have been to chiropractors on and off for many years, though primarily only in times of acute need.  Regular massage always seemed like a luxury I couldn't really justify, and so treated it pretty much the same.   That all changed after I encountered Twin Soles Ashiatsu.  The treatments I received in a time of need have become a regular part of my life and have had a great impact on my general well-being, both physically and emotionally.  I no longer view my massage sessions as a luxury item, luxurious and relaxing though they are, but as a basic necessity for keeping myself happy and whole.  Thank you, Leia, for doing what you do and for expanding my awareness of my body-mind connection.” – Thomas Wolfe

“I've had just about every kind of massage offered in our wonderful town. So when Leia moved here I was interested in her massage form as I had never heard of Ashiatsu. The idea that she can go so deep and be so intuitive using her feet was revolutionary to me. I've stopped trying to figure out if she's using her hands or feet during the massage ‑ I just breathe along her movements. Leia's treatments have become part of my Health Maintenance plan. We've worked together on my migraines, allergies, and simple relaxation and rejuvenation. Highly recommended. I am so lucky to have found her.” – Dawn Fischer

“Leia has the miracle of the healing touch! She is so sincere in her strong, yet gentle massage that it feels as though she, herself, must also be healed in the process. I have made Twin Soles massages a regular part of my monthly self-care routine and especially love Leia's hot stone massage technique, that feels like heavenly fire gliding over my tired muscles. Leia has so many techniques and so much experience to draw from, that I especially enjoy our sessions when I just ask her to do a little bit of everything - Ashiatsu, hot stone massage, reflexology, dry brushing and aromatherapy - which taken all together result in a highly invigorating yet restful session.” –Christine Elder



The benefits of massage are many, and include relief of sore muscles, improved range of motion, and reduced spinal compression.

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