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Preparation for Massage

To get the most from each session, I recommend being fully hydrated for 24 hours prior to massage: ideally half your body weight in ounces per day [e.g.: a 180 pound person should drink 90 ounces of water daily]. This is good advice generally, as optimum hydration improves the effectiveness of detoxification processes and allows energy to flow more freely throughout the various systems, but is particularly important when receiving massage. Enjoy a light meal no sooner than 1 to 2 hours prior to session.

Time is valuable, yours and mine. Please arrive 10 minutes early to find parking and have time for a brief consultation prior to your session.

Thank you~


Clients rave about Twin Soles Massage: "Bonnie’s work has allowed me to do things I have not been able to do for a long time…”

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